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Claim a Woman!

And then you can... y'know, say you did!

Claim the Lady
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Hi there! This community was built for one purpose: to claim women! Any kinds of women are claimable here at this wonderful community of ours. Whether they be real, fictional, LJ users, or even porn stars. Yes, any woman is claimable! Well, as long as you abide by these rules:

1. Each user can claim up to two women, with the exception of the mod/maintainer. If you link back to the community in your User Info, however, you get two more, making a total of four.

2. The same woman can only be claimed five times. After that, it's over.

3. If you want to retire your claim or you change your Livejournal name, PLEASE make a post about it so that the mod can update the Claims List. Please.

4. Claims will only be accepted if you actually MAKE A POST ABOUT IT IN THE JOURNAL. Comments will not be taken seriously and you will be laughed at forever and ever.

5. No sexist remarks will be tolerated. You will be immediately banned if you say anything negative about your opposite gender.

Simple, no? Well, there are some retarded people that still won't follow these rules properly.

NOTE: With this community, we are not trying to be sexist. Nobody will actually have any sort of 'claim' over anyone. And remember, ladies, it's all in good fun.

This community is maintained and moderated by tomalotocamelot